This Giving Tuesday , I Will Be Giving My Support to Aikido for Veterans

—A reblog from my sister blog at Aikido Wave

Aikido for Veterans needs your support

artwork by Tom Osborn

Today is Giving Tuesday. The first Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Now that Cyber Monday, and Black Friday is long blacked out of our memory banks, today is the day to continue the humanity, and spirit Thanksgiving is suppose to inspire.

So many of our nation’s veterans are left behind, abandoned to deal with the aftershock of combat on their own. However, Tom Osborn sensei’s program stands to serve veterans, through Aikido, as a means to heal and recenter those with “shell-shock”; better known as CRPTSD (combat related, post-traumatic stress disorder).

If you observe Giving Tuesday, consider making part of your observation to Tom sensei’s Keganin No Senshi Aikido for Veterans. Completely novel. Compelling, and good works for our vets using the art we love.
Again, the link to donate is here.

Thank you.
Happy Holidays!



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