About M.M.

M.M. …upside down?

M. M. Schill was born and grew up in Fall River, MA, on Aug 29th 1985. A bunch of other stuff happened since then, all leading to her current life in North Florida. Sometime in the mid-2000’s, after returning home from a missionary trip in Recife’ Brazil, M. M. began to practice the art of Aikido at the University of North Florida Aikido Club with her indie-game designing/electrical engineering husband, Ryan.

M.M. is a student of martial arts, as well as a martial arts instructor. Outside of those pursuits, she’s an outspoken advocate for abuse survivors. She maintains close ties to local abuse survivor volunteer groups and help-centers. She often blogs, and guest blogs, on the topic when she isn’t crafting in her speculative fiction worlds.

Besides all that, M. M. is also an award winning baker.

She currently resides on Jacksonville’s Southside, with her husband. Together they adventure, and raise two adorable Japanese Chin.



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