Books and Releases

Released: May 2014

TT1GGS-book-cover20percentGears, Gadgets, and Steam New Steam

Punk Anthology. Available for purchase on Amazon. Kindle out now, paperback to follow shortly.

M.M.’s short story, Nezu and the Tinker Toy Tengu is featured in the collection.

Cover art by R.W. Ware.

Released: Dec 2014


IN SHAMBLES Horror Anthology has just been released and is available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and ITunes!

M.M.’s Japanese ghost story, Mama, is proudly featured in this upcoming release by Harren Press



The In Shambles anthology will feature an original Dan Shamble story by New York Times Best Selling author Kevin J Anderson.

The anthology also features some awesome offerings from writers: R. W. Ware, Roy C. Booth, Brian Woods, Bri Forney, Axel Kohagen, R. A. McCandless, Naching T. Kassa, Elenore Audley, Druscilla Morgan, Shane Porteous, Michael Shimek, Cynthia Booth, Donna Marie West, Adrian Ludens, David Stegora, Kenneth Olson, and Kerry G. S. Lipp.








Released: June 2014

Anything Goes 1Anything Goes 1–Anthology
Fiction Writers Group proudly presents its newest and most exciting    anthology series, “Anything Goes.” It is an unthemed, multi-genre compilation, featuring a wide array of new and experienced international talent. Between the covers of this book, you will visit new worlds and explore new ideas. You will learn to fear the night, the boarding school, dishonesty, and maybe even the autumn. You will visit childhood, motherhood, and the neighborhood. A few extra chuckles, gasps and tears were also included, just for you. It is the perfect blend of stories, designed to take you away from the stress and obligations of everyday life. Have a seat, open the front cover, and take a break.
MM’s featured story: The Tobitsu of Sawa’ko

Buy this?


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