Dear Defensive Writer: Shut Up!

With all that said, here's what I think should be happening in a writer's group, and here is what I tend to do when I put up something for review: 1- I bring a pen and paper. 2- I shut up! 3- I listen.

Elephants and Ropes

When the elephant sees its rope, it bows to its power--to the point that even a small child could lead the behemoth around a ring, daintily, by the thin cord.

Huffington Post Can Get Bent, Seriously

... very important for us to understand the ugly. The ugly being this trend of under-valuing the products of producers. I'm completely disgusted by how Hull decided to moralize what is in truth cold corporatism and producer exploitation--to say that a creative lacks integrity if they expect payment for hours clocked in the production of their every other professional in every other field.

The Zone

What do I mean by "the zone"? I'm talking about that, sometimes elusive, feeling of being completely connected to your work. That feeling that you are in fact exactly where you are suppose to be, in the career you are meant to be in.

Cycle of Ages Saga vol.2: with Jeremy Hicks

Writers live and die by word of mouth. That’s really the best way for us to advertise. If people love our books, they should tell other people about them. In the modern age, this means online reviews. Reviews are the lifeblood of writers, especially Amazon reviews.

The Inner Critic Advantage By Andrea Patten–Reviewed

Those of us creatives should be able to sympathize, so innately, with anyone dealing with a loud mouth, self-depraving internal dialogue. Us, as writers, who are so obsessed with spinning dramatic and justifying narratives on paper, can often times paint the bleakest internal narratives for ourselves--for our own personal stories.

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