Sorry, Gilgamesh, but Not Sorry

This is where the rub is. I'm finding people confusing view point character with protagonist. Just because you are in a character's head (or mostly so) doesn't mean they are the protagonist of the tale.


Sandwiches and Critism

What ever a critiquer gives me, I just want it to be real. I want the realest picture of the reader's viewpoint as I can get. I want a little shared empathy, some mind melding.

All That Is Permissible

We talked about options for getting it into an editor's hands: finding an agent, submitting to a publisher that took unsolicited manuscripts, or maybe even meeting an editor at a con and showing them their work. This person definitely was interested in getting an editor's eyes on their work and seeing if they could sell it. However (and this was a big HOWEVER), they were apprehensive. They liked the idea of being paid money for it, seeing it in print and all the jazz that comes along with that sort of thing, it was just that they weren't "a real writer", and feared how they would be perceived by an editor.

Don’t Stir the Pot: letting bad reviews die

I view people putting their bullying opinions out there like a flasher in the park. They run up, show you stuff that is none of your business to be seeing, for the purpose of making you feel uncomfortable. So, in my opinion, overt your eyes. Don't be a voyeur to internet exhibitionism. They are trying to violate your boundaries.

Dear Defensive Writer: Shut Up!

With all that said, here's what I think should be happening in a writer's group, and here is what I tend to do when I put up something for review: 1- I bring a pen and paper. 2- I shut up! 3- I listen.

Elephants and Ropes

When the elephant sees its rope, it bows to its power--to the point that even a small child could lead the behemoth around a ring, daintily, by the thin cord.

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