I have a Patreon…WHA?!?!?

Yes, I have started a Patreon account to help aid me in my pursuit of creating art I care about. More community support will give me the freedom, above all else, to say ‘no’ to projects that don’t serve me in my long-term goals. Help me out if you can ❤ Advertisements

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Breaking Social Contracts

There are people who think that a valid book sales tactic is insulting more established authors that don’t know them on social media, claiming that said established author was attacking them for –when there is zero evidence to these claims. (Pathological lying) 
There are certain people who feel it is appropriate to send their followers to troll established authors, or members of the SFF community. (Triangulation)

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Justice in Fantasy: #2 Thieves

Many times in fantasy we romanticize the thief as the suave, fast-talking, cut-purse, but in a real psychological sense there is a very fine, gray line between the cut-purse and the cut-throat. They are quite often the same person. Within the archetype of the thief lies one of the few instances where I wish writers were grittier–more realistic with the character’s motivations.

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