“Just because I don’t want to sleep with you, doesn’t mean I’m a poser”(A rant in defense of female-nerdom)

There has been a lot of discussions about whether or not certain females within nerdom are actually nerds/geeks/what-have-you, or just rotten posers.


Huffington Post Can Get Bent, Seriously

... very important for us to understand the ugly. The ugly being this trend of under-valuing the products of producers. I'm completely disgusted by how Hull decided to moralize what is in truth cold corporatism and producer exploitation--to say that a creative lacks integrity if they expect payment for hours clocked in the production of their product...like every other professional in every other field.

Mad Max: Fury Road–There and Back Again, a Harem’s Tale

This wasn't a story of some muscle-headed, diesel-guzzler, saving beautiful women in high octane action sequences. It was instead a cleverly veiled tale of a reluctant hero, roped into helping a disenfranchised party of capable warriors, journey-ho to reclaim their home from a sadistic, water-hording, overlord .

50 Shades of Why?

A slice of mommy-porn aside, Fifty Shades is more interesting for what it is telling me about the cultural mindset of women. ... frankly, women are eating it up, despite the heavy tones of sexual and domestic violence. So, what does this say about women in this day and era?

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