I sense judgemental eyes, and I instantly yield, withdraw. I come up with a justification, an excuse for my preferences…sometimes even minimizing my own preferences, or making fun of myself to detract from others judging stares.

I’m writing this to say I’m done.

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Breaking Social Contracts

There are people who think that a valid book sales tactic is insulting more established authors that don’t know them on social media, claiming that said established author was attacking them for –when there is zero evidence to these claims. (Pathological lying) 
There are certain people who feel it is appropriate to send their followers to troll established authors, or members of the SFF community. (Triangulation)

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My Health

 I’m starting to believe that everything common knowledge has taught us about losing weight, and maintaining a healthy body weight, might be wrong. 

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If I Don’t Know You, Don’t Ask Me To Read Your Crap Book…please.

I receive at least one message through my site, professional facebook, Amazon account or via Twitter unsolicited from people I don’t know. These messages ask me to read PDFs of books to either review or beta. Yes, they contain files, from strangers, for me to open. 
I’m basically making this blog post to state my unwillingness to open files from strangers.

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