Breaking Social Contracts

There are people who think that a valid book sales tactic is insulting more established authors that don’t know them on social media, claiming that said established author was attacking them for –when there is zero evidence to these claims. (Pathological lying) 
There are certain people who feel it is appropriate to send their followers to troll established authors, or members of the SFF community. (Triangulation)

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Being Selfish–Mothers of World Building

“I don’t want to be selfish,” is what one aspiring writer told me earlier today when I asked 40dad7f7checkmatewhy they hadn’t looked at their manuscript in over six-months. She said that she, with all her heart, wanted to write but life just kept getting in the way. I asked her why she didn’t square away an hour here or there, in the early morning, or right before bed, and her only reply, set on refrain, was that to set aside that time for her craft–for herself–would be just too selfish.

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The King is Dead!

The ordinary world is filled with ordinary happenings, where crimes go unpunished, where the good guys are incompetent, and the bad guys aren’t even sexy! (They are kind of creepy, actually.) Ordinary is just a series of stuff that happens, with no rhyme or reason–no justice or purpose–just like everyday life. A journal, or chronological account, it might make, but not a story.

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“This isn’t Skyrim, bro.”

Your fantasy story is a piece of literature, not a video game. Why do I say this? Well, I’ve been receiving a lot of reads lately that have no main character. Don’t get me wrong, there is a name protagonist, but somehow, for some reason, there is a lack of character being represented in the main role.

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So… this is my blog

Friends! Romans! Countrymen! Lend me your ears! Okay, not much happening here at the moment. This is my blog. And it will become awesome…just give me some time. I plan on using this blog as a format for discussing most craft and industry (speculative fiction–or just fiction in general). Keep an ear open, and stay […]

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