Respect Genre–Respect the Audience

"Science fiction should always fully explain the science behind everything they are doing, no matter what! People read science fiction for the realism. If they didn't want to think too hard, they'd read fantasy."


Don’t Stir the Pot: letting bad reviews die

I view people putting their bullying opinions out there like a flasher in the park. They run up, show you stuff that is none of your business to be seeing, for the purpose of making you feel uncomfortable. So, in my opinion, overt your eyes. Don't be a voyeur to internet exhibitionism. They are trying to violate your boundaries.

You Have No Idea What A Blog Is For–What not to blog about

The biggest issue I'm seeing with blogs I'm reading is that it is evident that the blogger has no idea what a blog is even for! In a nutshell, here is what a blog is for: a blog is a form of social networking where you exchange ideas for the purpose of identifying with a readership for the purpose of expanding that readership. That's it. Nothing else. Nothing more.

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