If I Don’t Know You, Don’t Ask Me To Read Your Crap Book…please.

I receive at least one message through my site, professional facebook, Amazon account or via Twitter unsolicited from people I don’t know. These messages ask me to read PDFs of books to either review or beta. Yes, they contain files, from strangers, for me to open. 
I’m basically making this blog post to state my unwillingness to open files from strangers.

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Either you get it, or you don’t.

These aren’t stories…these are happenings–a series of disconnected happenings befalling upon an innocent, often times undeveloped, character’s head, without their consent, unjustly, just…because.

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The King is Dead!

The ordinary world is filled with ordinary happenings, where crimes go unpunished, where the good guys are incompetent, and the bad guys aren’t even sexy! (They are kind of creepy, actually.) Ordinary is just a series of stuff that happens, with no rhyme or reason–no justice or purpose–just like everyday life. A journal, or chronological account, it might make, but not a story.

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“He was a dark and stormy knight.”

Many of my more seasoned vets out there know that opening a story up with weather is a giant no-no. The memo hasn’t gotten out to some of our unpublished friends yet, however.
Now, I’m not writing this blog to criticize other authors, or to poke fun. I’m writing this blog to look at some very good reasons to NEVER open up a story with weather. (Well…almost never. Wheel of Time novels open up with weather–the wind to be exact…but those openings aren’t really the beginning, after all.)

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Women in Fantasy: #1 A Boy and His Sex Slave

I mean, in general, almost nothing bothers me in fiction, so long as the story demands it. I’m not sure if the story called for this scene, 100%, or not. I haven’t read his full novel, just that snippet. But, when it comes to issues of sexual aggression toward women, does it matter if the story calls for it? Are we, as fantasy readers, tired of this story? Should this story still be being written?

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Creative Control (freak!)

The art of writing, in the end, is the art of communication. It is a sort of magic where I take ideas in my head and try to put it into other people’s heads. Sometimes we succeed at spinning these spells better than other times, but in the end that is what it is. Your released written word will be interpreted by others in countless ways–most of which won’t meet the original dream in your head.

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